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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for people with night sweats?

The Bedfan® is for everyone that wants to sleep deeper, cooler and fuller. Some people just want to save money on their Air-conditioning bill and some people are dealing with night sweats for countless other reasons. The Bedfan® works for everyone that wants a cooler more comfortable night of sleep.

How do I control the Bedfan®?

The Bedfan® is designed with the sleeper in mind so you won’t have to get out of bed to control the air flow. We’ve designed a speed controller that can be used from the comfort of your bed, most people keep it right under their pillow. Whenever you want to increase the air flow – or decrease it – simply use the thumb dial. The settings range from 0 to 100% and work much like a light dimmer. You can turn it all the way up, all the way down and all points in-between.

The Bedfan® sure has a lot of power, Why is this?

When a car manufacture chooses an engine for a specific car they don’t chose one that will give you just enough power to make the car move. They deliver the car with 5 or more times as mush power as you would need. The main reason for this is so that your engine will last longer. If you only use 20% of the available power your engine will last 5 times longer. If you used 100% of the power all the time your engine would not last long at all. That is the same thought that we put into the development of the Bedfan ®. Although you can raise the power to 100% and get a lot of air out if the fan, the normal operation is around 20% of available power. It is very quiet at this level and very efficient. Your fans should operate perfectly at this speed for a long time.

What is that bar at the top "looks like a handle" for?

We call this the Breeze Bar. This bar has one purpose and that is to give the air a clear path for which to follow. When properly placed the top of the Breeze Bar will be about one inch above the top of your mattress. This creates a path between the sheets for the air to travel through. The design also makes this piece flexible so that if someone sits on the bar it will simply bend and not smash.

Will the Bedfan® work on my bed?

The Bedfan® is designed to fit most all beds. I personally tested it on tall beds, short beds, beds with/without foot boards, sleigh beds and even bunk beds with much success. Some installations might be more challenging than others, but once you have the Bedfan® installed you can leave it there forever. Our technical support group will always be there to help. Our product is backed by a 100% guarantee.

Will the Bedfan® make my partner cold?

Hot sleepers will be able to cool themselves down without freezing their bed partners out. The Bedfan® is designed to deliver cool air to the person directly in line with the air flow. If the Bedfan® is set up on the right side, the person on the right will get the air. If the Bedfan® is on the left side, then the person on the left will get the air. If your bed partner moves into the path of the cool air flow, they will be able to take advantage of the comfort as well. Using two Bedfans® will increase the cool comfort of your bed and save money..

Will my feet get cold?

When you use the Bedfan® for the first time, you most likely keep the temperature very cool in your home. We suggest that you raise the thermostat a couple of degrees and turn up the Bedfan® until you find your personal comfort zone. You will use less air condition, save money and enjoy a better night’s sleep! I used to set my thermostat at 68 degrees every night. After developing the Bedfan®, I now set it around 79 degrees!

How will the Bedfan® stop my night sweats?

When you get into bed and develop a hot flash or night sweats, the extra heat that is generated under the covers has no place to go. Your body will naturally try to cool itself down by sweating. The Bedfan® provides you with a constant, gentle flow of air that helps remove that extra heat, lower your body temperature and keep you from sweating.