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The Bedfan Cooling System is helping thousands

Here are just a few stories that we have received.

Thank you very much for such great customer service. Itís rare these days. I will continue to refer customers to you. You make a great product. My brother ordered 2 this morning. I like it to be very cold while sleeping. Since purchasing the bed fan I have been able to turn the thermostat up from 68F to 78F and have never been more comfortable. No more sweating or tossing and turning during the night! Most nights I have to turn the fan down to its lowest setting because of all the power it has. My electric bill this month compared to the same month last year is over 27% lower. I couldnít be happier with your product.


Doug Shannon

I recently ordered my Bedfan. It was delivered the next day. I have been using it for three nights so far. I've been turning up my AC before I go to bed and enjoying the very pleasant cool air and getting a great night's rest. The lowest setting is plenty of air for me. The cool air is very comfortable and soothing and the Bedfan is very quiet, you will never know it is there noise wise. There is virtually NO installation, more like just simply ARRANGING on your bed. It is up and going in only a few minutes and not noticeable for your decor--except for the two inches the bridge stands above my bedspread at the very foot of the bed it is totally out of sight. How I wish my Mom would have had the Bedfan during her battle with leukemia. The awful night sweats etc. were just miserable for her--the Bedfan would have been a tremendous help.
This little invention is a gem! I am spreading the word to all my friends.
Betty Mills
Arlington, TX

Dear Mr. Tompkins,I received your Bedfan several weeks ago, I suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, and menopause.

I haven't had a full nights sleep for years. I am miserable at night, I get so hot and nothing has ever worked to cool me down. Thank heavens I found your product. It has changed my life!

Since the first night I used it, I was able to sleep through the whole night. No more tearing off comforter & sheets. I was cool the whole night through. The fan was so easy to install and has worked like a charm.

I will definitely recommend your fan to my friends and family suffering from hot flashes.Thanks so much for giving me a normal nights sleep again!!

Regards, Leigh Ann Yocum

Let me tell you about my Bedfan ........

When my husband first told me about it, (he saw something on the computer) I thought it was just another scam. Nothing would work as well as they described. Well, since I got a money back guarantee, I thought it was worth a try. WOW!! Was I surprised!

Between menopause, night sweats and a couple of health issues, I didn't think such a comfortable nights sleep was possible! It just bathes you in this luxurious stream of cool, comforting air! One of the most surprising things was that it is virtually silent!! A very low hum that I believe helps lull me to sleep! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! (Now, if only I didn't have to fight my cat on the fact that he constantly lays between me and the Bedfan !! I guess he likes it too!)

And as my husband says, "If Momma's happy, EVERYBODY'S happy!!

Thank you so much! I look forward to many years of comfortable summers, and lower electric bills!!

Barbara Karlsson

One VERY satisfied customer!

got the bedfan yesterday. slept with it last night----LOVED IT! Meredith tried it out and is ordering one today I think. I passed along the website to all the ARR and also to several friends
I LOVE MINE!!!! and Larry is very pleased too--he turned up the AC thermostat last night and he wasn't as cold and I slept very comfortable.

I bought the Bedfan for my wife who experiences hot flashes. The summer months are the worst and I was excited that she would be more comfortable without using so much air conditioning when summer gets here. I bought the Bedfan in the winter and she has not had to use it very often. We use a winter quilt, which we have not replaced with lighter summer bedding and recently on a warm spring evening she first got up and opened the windows then remembered the Bedfan and turned it on. That morning she woke up and the first thing out of her mouth was "That thing really works"Ě.

Shortly after that while she was on a 2 day trip, I woke up uncomfortable from the warm and muggy weather. I first turned on the ceiling fan but only got relief if I was uncovered. I immediately rolled over to her side of the bed and turned on the Bedfan . I couldn't believe the difference. I decided I needed to get another Bedfan for me.

Here another idea, a double Bedfan for couples in a king size bed, separate controls of course. ( try two units.. :) )

Thanks for the Bedfan , I love it too.

Neal S.

LOVE IT !!!! When I started having the " HOT FLASH / NIGHT SWEAT " syndrome I asked my Dad when my Mom's stopped and he replied "the day she died"!

I knew I couldn't wait that long when my sister (older I might add) told me about the "Bed fan". I immediately placed my order and upon receiving it. It is almost as good as my old "happy patch" (which I gave up because the risks just weren't worth it) but MUCH HEALTHIER.

My only wish is that you had a travel size. I have to share with you that all the women I work with kept thinking I was bragging about my new "bed PAN". Now if you could solve that problem you would make even more women happy!!

Pam Grace aka Grammy Pammy

My sister emailed me a note with an attached TV interview on The Bedfan . She knows that I am ALWAYS hot, so thought of me immediately when she saw the clip.

I was skeptical at first. I mean, how can you have a fan for your bed? But, I finally watched the clip. Still not sure. So I looked it up on the web and read everything they had on The Bedfan website. It still took me awhile to decide to risk that much money. After all, I can get a fan from Wal Mart for less than $10.

Well, after the first of the summer, running my AC all night just to get some sleep, and then getting my utility bill, I decided to take the risk. My first amazement came when the owner of the company called me and offered to deliver my fan in person! What great customer service!

I am not very mechanically inclined, but had no trouble at all setting up the fan. That first night, I had to get up after about an hour, and turn the thermostat up! It only took a few nights to work out the perfect combination. I slept on a cool, soothing cloud of comfort all summer. And with the control right under your pillow, it is easy to make adjustments without really waking up. And best of all, The Bedfan PAID FOR ITSELF in savings on my utility bill!

This winter, my sister moved in with me. She is extremely cold natured, so I have kept the house a lot warmer at night than I am comfortable with. The Bedfan to the rescue! I haven't spent any nights in hot discomfort. In fact, I go to bed early to cool off!

I did make one adaptation. My feet would get cold before my body cooled off. Since I sleep on a single bed, I moved it to the side, and now the cool comfort is evenly distributed. It is so small and easy to assemble that I take it with me when I travel also. The Bedfan is the first thing I pack, and the first thing I unpack.

I wouldn't give up my Bedfan for any price or anybody!


A. M.

The Bedfan is great. It provides immediate cooling to soothe those hot flashes. We have been able to adjust our a/c thermostat and save money. Even my grandchildren want to sleep over so they can enjoy a cool, restful night's sleep.

Sign me - A very satisfied customer of the Bedfan .

Sue Williams

Cypress, TX

I'm only 24 years old--too young to have medical conditions resulting in night-sweats, and much too young to have to deal with them for no understandable reason. Within the past year, I began to sweat so much at night that at times I would have to get up in the middle of the night to change my completely soaked clothes. I would even have to lay towels over the sheets so I could go back to sleep. Besides being a huge inconvenience, sweating at night was also an embarrassment that made me feel self-conscious.

My husband heard about the Bedfan a few months ago though, and I haven't had a problem since! We we surprised by the sleek, non-intrusive design and at how simple the Bedfan was to install. I love most the range of intensity that I can adjust depending on how I feel each night. My husband loves that he isn't effected by the fan at all, and we both love that we're both getting good sleep again! I brag about my Bedfan to everyone and highly recommend it to others.

Marianne Hodges

I love my Bedfan . I told my doctor , this is the answer to " night sweats". Every woman suffering with menopause knows about these " power surges" we suffer at night. In the summer , I was sleeping with the A/C on 73, the ceiling fan on high and another fan blowing on me. With my Bedfan , I can raise the A/C higher and not use the other fans. When I have a power surge , I just adjust the control up a little higher until its over. I can truly get a better night sleep because of my Bedfan .

Sandra Schulbach

Arlington Texas

Dear Mr. Bedfan ,

I live in Houston, TX, humidity capital of the south, and I am constantly looking for ways to keep energy costs at bay while still allowing me and my family to sleep at night without soaking the sheets.

I read about your product last summer on a website that offered suggestions to help save electricity. The author mentioned several intriguing pieces of merchandise from other manufacturers but I was particularly interested in the Bedfan . I purchased the Bedfan , admittedly with some skepticism as to it's effectiveness, but lo and behold, the Bedfan won me over! It is amazing!

The first night I placed it at the foot of the bed on my side because my wife thought the breeze would tickle her feet. That night I stayed cooler and slept better then I had since I moved out of my parents house and started paying my own electric bill. As the nights went by I started to notice that my wife was sleeping more and more on my side of the bed. Although this is very nice, she was hogging the Bedfan , so I slid it to the middle of the bed where we could share the cool breeze. Now when she changes the sheets she keeps moving it more and more to her side of the bed!

In Houston we all have the same problem... how do we keep the thermostat up while keeping the temperature down. The Bedfan does that. I now set the thermostat at 78 (I normally like it at 72) before I go to bed and I still am able to sleep under the covers and stay cool. Why refrigerate the entire house when I only need the bed to be comfortable.

Thanks Bedfan !

Kind Regards... Monty Free - Houston, TX


I purchased a Bedfan from you at the Minnesota Inventors last June. I live in Texas and thought WOW that looks really cool! I have never lived in such high humidity before.

The Bedfan is just wonderful as I get a good night sleep now while my body stays cool. Also like the sleek slim design and remote control right at my fingertips. Goodbye to those night sweats and waking up clammy in the mornings!

I can't thank you enough for coming up with such a Great product.

Linda M.

P.S. I am going to get one for my brother and his wife who live in New Mexico!

The Bedfan is as necessary to summer as an electric blanket is to winter! You wonder how you ever slept without it.... and then you remember that whole problem was you weren't sleeping!
Jo Southard
Hi Kurt
Bedfan ...who would have thought it could make such a change in one's life! Since I received my Bedfan , I have been able to sleep comfortably through the night. Something that I haven't been able to do in years.

I used to toss and turn, flipping my pillow, tossing off the covers, trying to get cool. The Ceiling fan ran on high and every morning I would wake up tired and stuffed up. My husband, on the other hand was freezing and having trouble sleeping because of it.

Not only has the Bedfan provided me with comfort from the heat build up between the sheets, but it has also ended the war over the thermostat between Hubby and I. Now we both sleep within our comfort zones, wake up refreshed, and ready for the day.

Thanks, your a genius
Gail.. Phoenix, AZ




Genius! Pure genius!
No more tossing the covers off, then pulling them back on, all night long. No more running the AC at icicle level.
It's like sleeping inside a cool, comforting cloud. And the Bedfan was so quick and easy to install, that it will travel with me when I visit. Especially when I visit my parents, south of San Antonio, who still don't have central air!
Bless you, Mr. Tompkins!

Mr. Tompkins,

I wanted to give you a follow up on my experience with your Bed Fan.
I took it with me when I visited my parents a few week ends ago. They live south of San Antonio, and do not have Central AC. I usually really suffer through the nights there, since they only use an attic fan to cool the house. All that does is bring in more hot, humid air. But, the Bed Fan was so easy to dismantle, took up very little space in the car, and easy to re-assemble. And it really made a big difference. So, you might add "portable" to your web-site information.

Thanks again for making such a great product available!
Oh, Thank you! That is so kind and I really appreciate it!! Believe me, we have been telling everyone about our great bed fan and will keep doing so. I look forward to watching the success of the bed fan, ads in national magazines, t.v., NPR, etc . .
Have a great week. Thank you, again very much. S.

I am writing to advise that I am quite amazed that this device works! I have been experiencing night sweats for almost ten years and have bought all kinds of bedding and night clothes with little relief. I have many fans, ceiling fans, big fans, little fans, all kinds of things but nothing keeps me dry during the night like the Bedfan - even at its lowest setting its enough to keep me dry.
I ordered on trial basis. I am very satisfied and will keep Bedfan ..
Thanks so much.
Violet Pucsek-Berman
Toronto ON Canada

Happening upon the Bedfan product in a rather round-a-bout way I was enthralled because I had never even contemplated such a device was possible. I had always relied on either a ceiling fan or table fan to circulate the bedroom air.......problematic if you're sleeping with someone who doesn't like the breeze!!

It almost sounded too good to be true - but I took the plunge and purchased one.....and I have used it every day since - summer AND winter. Maybe that sounds strange - even in winter! But I got so used to the wonderful breeze wafting over my body and expelling the pent up heat - using it year round is simply a no-brainer. The adjustable fan speed lets you control the air no matter what the outside temp.

Sleep is so important but impossible to sustain if one is constantly waking and throwing off the sheets - then waking up too cold and putting them back on. This device allows for constant temp control around your body so you can engage in the most crucial aspect of health - a good nights sleep!!

I will never be without this product - ever.

John Lynch, California.

I received this as a gift and it has been great. I used to constantly throw the covers on and off all night. If you have night sweats, you know about sticking that foot in out out all night. Not anymore! I get much more restful sleep. The best thing is, you can adjust the speed of the fan to your current body temperature. It is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone that has trouble sleeping due to being too hot regardless of the reason.

Thank You , Connie Russell

My wife and I are very calm sleepers so we have no fights over space or covers but temperature has always been an issue. She is going through menopause and is hot most of the time. The part that makes the menopause worse at night is because I am a hot box when I'm sleeping. Between the two of us we usually end up whipping the covers off one minute and then searching for them the next. Thanks for one the most peaceful nights of sleep I have had in a long time.

Bill M.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I live in Minnesota so it stays relatively cool most of the time, but in the summer I die. I turn the air conditioner down so that it runs constantly and my bill is outrageous. My daughters live with me and complain all the time about how cold it is in my house. They walk around in sweatshirts and long pants in the house just to keep comfortable and joke that they have to walk outside in the winter just to warm up. So I stuck the Bedfan at the foot of the bed and waited. It took a few minutes to cool the bed down from my body heat, but then I felt it, the cool, light flow of air that was moving the hot air out. It worked so well that sometime in the night I got up and turned the air conditioner up.

Mona W.

I sometimes get sweats at night from my medications so I turned it on. At first it was too cold for me but then I turned it down and slept the night away. This fan saves on air conditioning costs, complaints from other people in the house when it's too cold at night, and it's quiet to boot. Good idea, Great product!


My wife and I are not hot sleepers but in the summer our third level rooms get unbearable for heat. We tried the Bedfan and both love it. This weekend it was especially great because the temperature is getting in the high 80's and it was very humid. We sleep so soundly and felt so refreshed this morning when we got up.


I took it home and set it up. I was surprised at how much air it produced. I live in an apartment and I pay the rent myself so I try to keep costs down. I have to cool the whole apartment if I want my bedroom cool and that get too costly. With the Bedfan I don't have to cool the whole apartment and that saves me money. Plus it helps me sleep better for two reasons:

  • I don't get so hot when I sleep and that makes for a peaceful night.
  • I don't have to worry about the electric bill and that also makes for a peaceful night.

P. Sharp

Dear Mr. Tompkins,

I just wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful night of sleep the sensation created by the Bedfan is in no way comparable to a regular fan, air conditioner, etc. and is quite the surprise! I hope you realize that. It is a new, totally new sensation. Rather something like smooth "air velvet" as it is so gentle and, oddly, so strange! It is an unfamiliar, totally different and a new sensation for me. (Sorry that I stress this so much...)

It is a sensation that one might feel when under a waterfall without getting wet. It's most awesome for me!