Tompkins Research, Inc.
Where the choice is a Breeze

Tompkins Research, Inc. is a company dedicated to innovative products that improve the quality of life for many people. The Patented Bedfan is an original product idea that was conceptualized and created back in 2002 after President and CEO, Kurt Tompkins, searched the market place for a fan that could keep him cool and dry all night without having to increase the cost of his A/C bill. .

The many fans he tried only produced a lot of overhead ‘wind’ but did not provide the constant cool relief and a good night’s sleep he was seeking. He could find nothing on the market that could solve his frustrating dilemma. Tompkins realized he would need to create something on his own. After hundreds of designs and trials, Kurt invented what is now The Bedfan US Patent No: 7,908,688

After many family and friends tried his Bedfan he discovered a whole new market: menopausal woman. His mother-in-law, who suffers from hot flashes, tried the Bedfan, and had her first comfortable, dry night in years. That is when Kurt Tompkins realized he could help a lot of people—not just hot sleepers.

Thank you for visiting The Bedfan web site and hope you or your loved one will try it. Please know your purchase was conceptualized, designed, developed, and assembled right here in the U.S.A.!