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The Bedfan Cooling System Can Lower Your electric Bill

Air conditioning accounts for 45% of the average home energy budget. The only way to reduce your A/C bill is to raise your thermostat, typically in the evening or at night. This makes it very difficult - if not impossible - for anyone to get a good night’s sleep until now.

The Bedfan® provides the cool relief you need in order to comfortably raise your thermostat as much as 10 degrees over a short period of time.

This is how you start to save money every day. The first night you use the Bedfan Cooling System you should start by raising your house thermostat by at least three degrees. I can assure you that three degrees will not be enough so you will most likely get cold the first night. The second night raise your thermostat by two degrees. Turn the Bedfan Cooling System up till you feel cool. Now you know that you can still raise your thermostat by at least another two degrees.

By this time you have raised your thermostat by seven degrees and on average you are reducing your air conditioning electrical consumption by over 40%. Now you can take it even further if you wish. For many or us we have been able to raise the thermostat by 9 degrees or more. that computes to an average of over 50% reduction in the amout of energy used to cool our house. I am sure that you can find better things to do with that money then sending it to the utility company each month.

Bottom line, if you turn the Bedfan Cooling System on at night and find that you are getting cooled. YOU ARE WASTING MONEY and Electricity.

For every degree the thermostat is raised, 4% to 8% can be saved on cooling costs. The table below shows savings based on raising your thermostat by 7 degrees, with a savings factor of 6% per degree. Note this is for average climates, your savings may be higher or lower.

The Bedfan® only costs nickels per month to operate and can pay for itself in just a few months, sometimes weeks.