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Is a disease disrupting your sleep?

A little understanding can change your life.

There are many diseases that can interrupt your sleep. All of these diseases essentially do the same thing, they cause people to get hot while sleeping and eventually can be the reason for night sweats.

Diseases cause your body to change temperature during the night. This change in temperature will cause the cooling system of your body to make adjustments to try and remove that extra heat. All that extra internal heat eventually ends up at the skin level. This is where the trouble begins. If your body can not eliminate that heat fast enough using the first two primary methods of heat dispersion (conduction and convection), it relies on the third and final method, sweating. You donít want to go there. Your goal is to keep a constant comfortable temperature all night long. That is precisely what our product accomplishes.

Within the symptoms of many diseases, you will find some reason that the body will increase in temperature during the night. Sometimes it is a simple fever that causes the body to increase in temperature and other times it has to do with hormones and other regulatory systems within your body.

Many diseases will cause temperature swings at night. Once your body starts these temperature swings the environment that you are sleeping in (your bed) starts to get hot as well. When this happens the natural cooling system of your body has little choice but to start sweating. Our product keeps this from happening. For more information please join us at our home page by clicking here