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Bedfan Personal Cooling System - US Patent No: 7,908,688

The Bedfan Personal cooling system

US Patent No: 7,908,688

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Not sleeping well at night will take the life right out of your day. The Bedfan Cooling system will help you sleep cool and give your body the rest it needs.

Sleeping cooler and eliminating night sweating is not that difficult. The Bedfan cooling system will give you that rest that you are looking for and rejuvenate your day as well. There are several reasons that people develop night sweats yet rest assured that all of these can be dealt with.

Maybe you are simply a hot sleeper and you have had night sweats all you life.

Maybe you sleep hotter than your partner and they are tired of getting too cold at night. Or maybe you are just looking for a way to save on your air conditioning cost. High Electric bills

Dear Mr. Tompkins,

I received your Bedfan several weeks ago and you mentioned you wanted to know what I thought about it. (I called about credit card payment) I suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, and menopause. I haven't had a full nights sleep for years. I am miserable at night, I get so hot and nothing has ever worked to cool me down. Thank heavens I found the Bedfan. It has changed my life! Since the first night I used it, I was able to sleep through the whole night. No more tearing off comforter & sheets. I was cool the whole night through. The fan was so easy to install and has worked like a charm. I will definitely recommend your fan to my friends and family suffering from hot flashes.

Thanks so much for giving me a normal nights sleep again!!

Regards, Leigh Ann Yocum

If you sleep hot or if you know someone that is suffering needlessly , let us introduce you to the Bedfan cooling system, the most innovative way to keep cool while you sleep.

Unlike old-fashioned fans (ceiling fans, box fans, etc.), the Bedfan cooling system delivers a gentle breeze that starts at the foot of your bed and flows slowly between your sheets and along your body before surrounding and exiting at your neck and shoulders.


Watch the following Bedfan cooling system videos to see how !

Dear Mr. Tompkins,

I just wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful night of sleep, the sensation created by the Bedfan is in no way comparable to a regular fan, air conditioner, etc. and is quite the surprise! I hope you realize that. It is a new, totally new sensation. Rather something like smooth "air velvet" as it is so gentle and, oddly, so strange! It is an unfamiliar, totally different and a new sensation for me. (Sorry that I stress this so much...)

It is a sensation that one might feel when under a waterfall without getting wet. The Bedfan is most awesome for me!

Mary Clements, Seattle Washington

Click Here To Order the Bedfan Cooling System Now!!

How does the Bedfan cooling system create this amazing sensation?

The Bedfan cooling system was designed specifically to prevent you from getting hot by generating a light breeze that starts at the foot of your bed and travels between the sheets. The breeze then exits out past your shoulders. The breeze pushes out any extra heat your body generates. At the same time it keeps your body a constant temperature and removes any humid air trapped between the sheets. The Bedfan cooling system keeps your bed cool as well. So that extra heat at night is dealt with rapidly and efficiently.

I am writing to advise that I am quite amazed that this device ( the Bedfan ) works! I have been experiencing night sweats for almost ten years and have bought all kinds of bedding and night clothes with little relief. I have many fans, ceiling fans, big fans, little fans, all kinds of things but nothing keeps me dry during the night like the Bedfan - even at its lowest setting its enough to keep me dry...

Thanks so much.

Violet P.

Toronto ON Canada

Simple and discreet

This is what the Bedfan cooling system looks like once installed. Here it is installed on a tall bed with a footboard. Notice that you hardly even see it. If you were not looking for it you would never know it was there. It can be hidden even further with a little extra work. That information is in the instructions that come with the fan.

Bedfan Tall Bed

This is where your Bedfan System controller will be located.

Just slip the controller under your pillow at night and take control of your environment. Much like a volume control on a radio the Bedfan cooling system can be turned up all the way or completely off. You can run the fans at any speed you like. Most people use it at about 15% of available power.

Bedfan Pillow


Every bed is the same yet different in its own way. We took all of this into consideration when developing the Bedfan cooling system. We visited many retail outlets and tested the design on every conceivable bed. We tested it on sleigh beds, bed with footboards, tall beds, short beds, every bed we could find. In these two links you will see exactly how the Bedfan system is installed.

The first installation is on a bed that is of standard height. To see this installation click here.

The second installation is on a tall bed with a footboard. To see how this is accomplished click here.

This link will take you to a page with technical information about the Bedfan cooling system and a detailed picture.

LOVE IT !!!! When I started having the " HOT FLASH / NIGHT SWEAT " syndrome I asked my Dad when my Mom's stopped and he replied "the day she died"!

I knew I couldn't wait that long when my sister (older I might add) told me about the "Bed fan". I immediately placed my order and upon receiving it. It is almost as good as my old "happy patch" (which I gave up because the risks just weren't worth it) but MUCH HEALTHIER.

My only wish is that you had a travel size. I have to share with you that all the women I work with kept thinking I was bragging about my new "bed PAN". Now if you could solve that problem you would make even more women happy!!

Pam Grace aka Grammy Pammy

Here are some common questions that people ask about the Bedfan Cooling System

What about the Bedfan warranty?

The Bedfan comes with a one year full warranty on mechanical, electrical, and physical parts.

Will the Bedfan cooling system get in my way?

The Bedfan is designed to stay out of your way. Even when you change your sheets. You simply put your bottom sheet on as normal and throw the top sheet over the fan and tuck it in. Nothing changes.

What about the Bedfan Power cord?

The small, extra long cord comes from the side of the Bedfan Cooling system so that nothing is sticking out from the bed. You simply run the cord under your bed and plug it in. Out of sight out of mind. All UL compliant.

Will my partner get cold?

The breeze that is created by the Bedfan travels the path of least resistance. You place the Bedfan at the foot of the bed on your side and the breeze travels along the sides of your body. It is restricted from moving to the other side of the bed.

How do I control the Bedfan Cooling system ?

Much like a volume control on a radio the Bedfan can be turned up all the way or completely off. You can run the fans at any speed you like. Most people use it at about 15% of available power. This also makes it last longer. The controller can be placed under your pillow or on your night stand.

Is The Bedfan Cooling System safe?

It is very safe. All parts, plastic, fans, power supply etc.. have been rigorously tested by Underwriters Laboratories.

My bed is on a platform, can I still use the Bedfan cooling system ?

If you want to use the bedfan on a platform bed (water bed etc..), you just turn the fan by 180 degrees and have the fans pointed outward versus drawing air from under the bed. It is still very well hidden even when installed like this.

More frequently asked questions can be found here


I purchased a Bedfan from you at the Minnesota Inventors last June. I live in Texas and thought WOW that looks really cool! I have never lived in such high humidity before.

The Bedfan is just wonderful as I get a good night sleep now while my body stays cool. Also like the sleek slim design and remote control right at my fingertips.

Goodbye to those night sweats and waking up clammy in the mornings! I can't thank you enough for coming up with such a Great product.


P.S. I am going to get one for my brother and his wife who live in New Mexico!

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